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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Why Get A Tattoo?

Tattoos come in as many shapes, sizes, styles and colours as you can think of. Whilst it is true that there are methods for removing tattoos such as laser and abrasive treatments, when you make the decision to have a tattoo you should consider that whatever design you are going to have you should be happy to have it for life.

One reason a lot of people have for getting a tattoo is as simple as "I like the look of it" it may be a design they have seen on a celebrity or favourite sports star, or it may just be something that has caught their eye. A tattoo that has aesthetically pleasing colours and shapes is probably the most common reason for most people getting their first tattoo, but it is by no means the only reason, some people choose to have a tattoo in memory of a friend family member or even a favourite pet who have passed away, these tattoos often take the form of flowers or crosses incorporating names, dates of birth and death or even special sayings that were important to the deceased.
One of the most complicated tattoos that you can have done involves copying an image of a loved one from a photograph, although it is worth mentioning that if you choose to have a tattoo done from a photograph then you should make sure that your chosen tattooist is a master of his art!.....nothing looks worse than a poorly done portrait tattoo!

original tattoos - good portrait tattoo
Make sure your tattooist is a Master of his Art and your portrait tattoo will look like this

original tattoos - bad portrait tattoo
If you pick a back street ink monkey your portrait tattoo will look this - and your kids will disown you!

Partners and children are another popular subject for tattoos, millions of people every year will have designs incorporating dates of birth, wedding days or simply names of loved ones tattooed in intricate designs such as flowers, hearts, special script fonts or even likenesses. Achievements, events and other memorable personal time-lines are also chosen to display a lifetime reminder of important moments in peoples lives.

Tattoos hold spiritual status in many cultures and have done for thousands of years (long before it became "fashionable" to have a tattoo) and their intricate designs have become common in our culture, although many people have absolutely no idea to their true meaning" and as I mentioned earlier many are chosen simply because they "look cool!"

original tattoos - tribal tattoos
Tribal tattoos look cool - but how many people actually know what they mean when they choose them?

If you have decided that you are going to have a tattoo, especially if it is your first one, don't rush into it! never have a tattoo done on your first visit to a tattooist's, take a look around at his/her designs, ask if you can have a sample of any design that really catches your eye.....although a lot of tattooists won't agree to this as you could be taking their designs and getting another tattooist to do the work!......make sure the salon is clean and hygienic and if possible get to see some of his/her work that is actually on the skin!
One final option that is well worth considering is to find a membership site online such as Tattoo Me Now  these sites charge a small membership fee but allow you to browse, download and print thousands of original tattoo designs at no extra cost allowing you to choose a design in your own time with no pressure and from the comfort of your own home.




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