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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Tattoo Me Now - Full Review

Please note this is my own personal review of Tattoo Me Now - CLICK HERE to visit the Tattoo Me Now official site

Deciding to get a tattoo is a decision that you can make in a second and regret for a lifetime. Making that decision in a tattoo shop can lead to an impulsive choice that you'll have to live with for the rest of your life.
A tattoo is a very personal thing and something that you should be proud of and not embarrassed of.
I searched the web for a service that could help to make this decision that was both hassle and pressure free, I believe that I have found that service, a tattoo membership site called Tattoo Me Now
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tattoo me now review

What is Tattoo Me Now?

Tattoo Me Now is a membership site that has been created to allow people to make a pressure free choice of tattoo from thousands of quality original tattoo designs all from the comfort of their own homes, Tattoo Me Now, however, is much more than just an online tattoo gellery, it is a thriving community with thousands of members, inside the Tattoo me Now membership area you will find the following 6 main sections.

  • Tattoo Me Now Design Gallery - Here you will find over 3500 original tattoo designs all separated into over 40 different categories such as tribal, animal, ethnic, biker and abstract to name but a few. In this section you can browse and print out whatever designs catch your eye (there is no limit to the number of designs you can print out) once you are certain that you have made the right choice simply take your printed design to your tattooist of choice for your final inking.
  • Members Gallery - A great feature of the Tattoo me Now membership site is the helpful, friendly and thriving community, Inside this section you will find hundreds of images members have posted of their own tattoos, people post these pictures so that other members can can comment on them or give advice on how the design could be improved or added to, as the photo's are all separated into relevant categories it is simple  to navigate to designs that you may be specifically interested in.
  • Studio Directory - The Tattoo Me Now studio directory contains a list of over 10,000 tattoo studios in more than 38 countries. All studios are ranked using a 5 star system and also include a comments section where members can post reviews based on their own experiences with a particular studio, all extremely useful in helping you make an informed decision as to where you go to actually get your tattoo done.
  • Discussion Forum - The Tattoo Me Now discussion forum is a great place to meet and interact with other members and professional tattoo artists, get opinions and advice on any design you may have in mind or answers to any questions you may have.
  • Video Vault - This is a nice element of the Tattoo Me Now membership site, you'll find videos of members showing off their latest designs along with professional tattoo artists showcasing their work and giving advice on tattooing in general as well as covering topics such as "tattoo removal" also included in this section are some great videos showing what happens at some of the worlds biggest tattoo conventions!
  • Media Library - This area of the members section contains some useful educational materials, you'll find eBook titles such as "Infection Prevention" "Getting Inked" and Xtasys Tattoo Design eBook" and many, many more,  some of the titles available I have actually seen being sold in their own right on other websites but you can read or download them all here for free.

Having monitored the Tattoo Me Now site during February and March 2013 it is clear that the site is constantly being updated, nearly 250 new designs and several eBooks have all been added during this period.

Whether you are looking for your first tattoo design or wanting to add to your collection Tattoo Me Now  offers a wealth of choice and advice as well as connecting you with like minded people, it really is a "membership" site in every sense of the word, chances are once you've joined Tattoo Me Now and taken advantage of all the resources on offer,  the next tattoo you get will be one your going to be proud of for the rest of your life.

tattoo me now review
Choose from over 3500 unique tattoo designs

For more information CLICK HERE to visit the Tattoo Me Now official website



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